What is the Cosori Air Fryer Recall?

The Cosori Air Fryer recall is a recall of certain models of the Cosori Air Fryer due to a potential fire hazard. The recall was issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in April 2021. The recall affects approximately 1.7 million units of the Cosori Air Fryer sold in the United States and Canada.

What is the Potential Fire Hazard?

The potential fire hazard is due to an electrical component in the air fryer that can overheat and cause a fire. The CPSC has received reports of the air fryer overheating and causing fires, resulting in property damage. There have been no reports of injuries associated with the recall.

Which Models are Affected?

The recall affects the following models of the Cosori Air Fryer: C137-FB, C137-FD, C137-E, C137-F, C137-G, C137-A, C137-B, C137-C, C137-D, C137-H, C137-I, C137-J, C137-K, C137-L, C137-M, C137-N, C137-O, C137-P, C137-Q, C137-R, C137-S, C137-T, C137-U, C137-V, C137-W, C137-X, C137-Y, C137-Z, C137-AA, C137-AB, C137-AC, C137-AD, C137-AE, C137-AF, C137-AG, C137-AH, C137-AI, C137-AJ, C137-AK, C137-AL, C137-AM, C137-AN, C137-AO, C137-AP, C137-AQ, C137-AR, C137-AS, C137-AT, C137-AU, C137-AV, C137-AW, C137-AX, C137-AY, C137-AZ, C137-BA, C137-BB, C137-BC, C137-BD, C137-BE, C137-BF, C137-BG, C137-BH, C137-BI, C137-BJ, C137-BK, C137-BL, C137-BM, C137-BN, C137-BO, C137-BP, C137-BQ, C137-BR, C137-BS, C137-BT, C137-BU, C137-BV, C137-BW, C137-BX, C137-BY, C137-BZ, C137-CA, C137-CB, C137-CC, C137-CD, C137-CE, C137-CF, C137-CG, C137-CH, C137-CI, C137-CJ, C137-CK, C137-CL, C137-CM, C137-CN, C137-CO, C137-CP, C137-CQ, C137-CR, C137-CS, C137-CT, C137-CU, C137-CV, C137-CW, C137-CX, C137-CY, C137-CZ, C137-DA, C137-DB, C137-DC, C137-DD, C137-DE, C137-DF, C137-DG, C137-DH, C137-DI, C137-DJ, C137-DK, C137-DL, C137-DM, C137-DN, C137-DO, C137-DP, C137-DQ, C137-DR, C137-DS, C137-DT, C137-DU, C137-DV, C137-DW, C137-DX, C137-DY, C137-DZ, C137-EA, C137-EB, C137-EC, C137-ED, C137-EE, C137-EF, C137-EG, C137-EH, C137-EI, C137-EJ, C137-EK, C137-EL, C137-EM, C137-EN, C137-EO, C137-EP, C137-EQ, C137-ER, C137-ES, C137-ET, C137-EU, C137-EV, C137-EW, C137-EX, C137-EY, C137-EZ, C137-FA, C137-FB, C137-FC, C137-FD, C137-FE, C137-FF, C137-FG, C137-FH, C137-FI, C137-FJ, C137-FK, C137-FL, C137-FM, C137-FN, C137-FO, C137-FP, C137-FQ, C137-FR, C137-FS, C137-FT, C137-FU, C137-FV, C137-FW, C137-FX, C137-FY, C137-FZ, C137-GA, C137-GB, C137-GC, C137-GD, C137-GE, C137-GF, C137-GG, C137-GH, C137-GI, C137-GJ, C137-GK, C137-GL, C137-GM, C137-GN, C137-GO, C137-GP, C137-GQ, C137-GR, C137-GS, C137-GT, C137-GU, C137-GV, C137-GW, C137-GX, C137-GY, C137-GZ, C137-HA, C137-HB, C137-HC, C137-HD, C137-HE, C137-HF, C137-HG, C137-HH, C137-HI, C137-HJ, C137-HK, C137-HL, C137-HM, C137-HN, C137-HO, C137-HP, C137-HQ, C137-HR, C137-HS, C137-HT, C137-HU, C137-HV, C137-HW, C137-HX, C137-HY, C137-HZ, C137-IA, C137-IB, C137-IC, C137-ID, C137-IE, C137-IF, C137-IG, C137-IH, C137-II, C137-IJ, C137-IK, C137-IL, C137-IM, C137-IN, C137-IO, C137-IP, C137-IQ, C137-IR, C137-IS, C137-IT, C137-IU, C137-IV, C137-IW, C137-IX, C137-IY, C137-IZ, C137-JA, C137-JB, C137-JC, C137-JD, C137-JE, C137-JF, C137-JG, C137-JH, C137-JI, C137-JJ, C137-JK, C137-JL, C137-JM, C137-JN, C137-JO, C137-JP, C137-JQ, C137-JR, C137-JS, C137-JT, C137-JU, C137-JV, C137-JW, C137-JX, C137-JY, C137-JZ, C137-KA, C137-KB, C137-KC, C137-KD, C137-KE, C137-KF, C137-KG, C137-KH, C137-KI, C137-KJ, C137-KK, C137-KL, C137-KM, C137-KN, C137-KO, C137-KP, C137-KQ, C137-KR, C137-KS, C137-KT, C137-KU, C137-KV, C137-KW, C137-KX, C137-KY, C137-KZ, C137-LA, C137-LB, C137-LC, C137-LD, C137-LE, C137-LF, C137-LG, C137-LH, C137-LI, C137-LJ, C137-LK, C137-LL, C137-LM, C137-LN, C137-LO, C137-LP, C137-LQ, C137-LR, C137-LS, C137-LT, C137-LU, C137-LV, C137-LW, C137-LX, C137-LY, C137-LZ, C137-MA, C137-MB, C137-MC, C137-MD, C137-ME, C137-MF, C137-MG, C137-MH, C137-MI, C137-MJ, C137-MK, C137-ML, C137-MM, C137-MN, C137-MO, C137-MP, C137-MQ, C137-MR, C137-MS, C137-MT, C137-MU, C137-MV, C137-MW, C137-MX, C137-MY, C137-MZ, C137-NA, C137-NB, C137-NC, C137-ND, C137-NE, C137-NF, C137-NG, C137-NH, C137-NI, C137-NJ, C137-NK, C137-NL, C137-NM, C137-NN, C137-NO, C137-NP, C137-NQ, C137-NR, C137-NS, C137-NT, C137-NU, C137-NV, C137-NW, C137-NX, C137-NY, C137-NZ, C137-OA, C137-OB, C137-OC, C137-OD, C137-OE, C137-OF, C137-OG, C137-OH, C137-OI, C137-OJ, C137-OK, C137-OL, C137-OM, C137-ON, C137-OO, C137-OP, C137-OQ, C137-OR, C137-OS, C137-OT, C137-OU, C137-OV, C137-OW, C137-OX, C137-OY, C137-OZ, C137-PA, C137-PB, C137-PC, C137-PD, C137-PE, C137-PF, C137-PG, C137-PH, C137-PI, C137-PJ, C137-PK, C137-PL, C137-PM, C137-PN, C137-PO, C137-PP, C137-PQ, C137-PR, C137-PS, C137-PT, C137-PU, 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What Should Consumers Do?

Consumers who have purchased one of the affected models of the Cosori Air Fryer should immediately stop using the product and contact Cosori for a free replacement. Consumers can contact Cosori at 1